5 SEO techniques to improve the organic traffic of your site

The world of the web is constantly updated and you must necessarily keep up with the news to maintain or improve the positioning of your website. A good positioning on search engines implies not only recording a greater number of visits but also, consequently, more conversions and a more profitable return on investment. So what are some good SEO techniques to improve the SEO organic traffic of your website?

5 SEO techniques to increase organic traffic

1. Enhance your site’s User Experience

Why is it so important? Simple, Google’s algorithm is designed to show users the best results for a particular search . And you must aim for this: quality , in everything you exhibit, sell and offer online. It will be really difficult to position yourself with keywords related to your sector if your site does not live up to current standards. Any indication?

  • Get rid of the pop ups.
  • No spamming with too many banners.
  • Speeds up page load times.
  • Try to reduce the page bounce rate.
  • Increase the readability of posts with shorter paragraphs.
  • Avoid too long sentences.
  • Streamline articles with bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Break the monotony with bold, headlines and subtitles.
  • Make it more appealing with photos and graphics.

2. Write your articles with the inverted pyramid technique and take advantage of the Bucket Brigades

How does it work? It’s very simple, just write the most valuable information at the beginning of the article and add the less important details below. Since readers have a tendency to seek answers in the shortest possible time, to grab their attention it is best to offer directly what they are looking for. Hiding content after preambles and images will only have the opposite effect. Most users will leave the site and give up reading in to. If, on the other hand, the best part is revealed immediately, there is a good chance that people will read the rest or even return to consult other pages in the future.

Seo pyramid.jpg

Another effective technique is that of the Bucket Brigades that allows you to conquer the reader by breaking the content into several sentences and ending with the colon. This ploy causes visitors to become involved again in the speech. Some examples:

  • You may be wondering:
  • Look:
  • But here’s the twist:

3. Take care of backlinks

Well yes, backlinks are still very important for NYC SEO services. In fact, according to Google they are still the number 1 factor in determining the ranking of a site . Of course, they must be quality links, obtained thanks to relevant content, popular marketing and influencer marketing. On the contrary paid links, comments and mentions of little relevance or coming from low value sites are not only of no effectiveness , but even risk making you lose positions. Be careful though, Google doesn’t even like too clean sites that seem to be made to brush to please him. Here therefore it is necessary to insert also medium quality links, such as those from forums, blogs, news sites, etc.

4. Aim for local searches

Almost half of the searches carried out on Google come from people who are looking for information relating to local products or services: addresses, opening hours, contacts . So, for all those who have a business in a physical location, it is important to focus on local SEO organic traffic. This is why services such as Google My Business, Landing Pages optimized for local services and SEO optimization for local search engines are useful.

5. Consider Voice Search

More and more people are searching on Google without typing from a PC or Smartphone and using System software, Google Assistant, Alexa or other similar tools instead . What does this have to do with SEO organic traffic? It has something to do with it, because the search methods change from one medium to another. For example, when we search for something by typing from a PC, we tend to be as tight as possible. Voice searches, on the other hand, tend to be asked in the form of a question (who, what, when, how, where, why), with the use of long-tail-keywords. So we have to start optimizing our site for this kind of research.