How to write a perfect SEO friendly article?

The meaning of writing SEO friendly content

We have talked several times about the importance of content within a website and how useful it is to know how to write an NYC SEO friendly article.

In fact, both in blogs and in company websites and in e-commerce, writing occupies an important place to achieve goals in terms of traffic and online sales.

The contents must not only be of quality but must also meet a series of rules in order to allow the website to reach the top places of the search engines.

As many of you already know, in fact, when writing an article for the web, the text must be SEO friendly. What does it mean? The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization in English) indicates that discipline that is based on different strategies and techniques to make sure that a particular website can reach the top places of search engines.


What does it mean to be among the first results of a search engine like Google? It means that we will be more likely that users, after performing an online search, will enter our website and that, consequently, there are more possibilities that they will purchase the products and services that we offer.

Consequently, to obtain this result we will have to pay close attention to our content. For this, we want to explain how to write an article in SEO perspective, trying to take into consideration the main elements of an online text.

Keyword research: what are keywords?

Before we get down to work, you need to be clear about what we want to talk about. It seems a foregone conclusion, and yet if we are not exactly sure of the topic of our article, we will not be able to search for keywords. The so-called “keywords “, in fact, are the basic element of SEO as they allow users to find the content they search for through search engines.

To search for the keywords that best fit your website and that are most searched by users, you can use a series of tools such as Google Ad, or ubersuggest. Do not take this phase lightly as it is one of the main phases.

Remember, also, that in addition to the individual keywords, the so-called ” long tail keywords ” are also very useful, the long-tail keywords , that is, those sequences of words that allow you to bring a specific target to the site, ie all those users who are interested in type of products and services we are offering.

SEO URL: better if short

The choice of the url must be made from a SEO perspective, that is, short and containing the main keywords, this for accessibility and usability needs. In fact, a short url is more easily memorized and can be more easily linked.

H1: the choice of the title of an SEO optimized article

The main title of the article is essential in order to obtain an SEO friendly article. Writing the so-called ” H1 ” can be quite complex as you have to try to be a little creative, informative and to use SEO rules. In any case, it is preferable to write a simple title that contains the main keyword, since it will help us to have more chances to appear among the first results of the search engines.

However, in order to write a title from an SEO perspective, it is not only necessary to use the main keyword. Here are some tips to improve your H1:

  • Don’t exceed 70 characters to avoid Google penalizing you;
  • ” How “, ” What “, ” What to do for ” or ” This is ” are excellent incipit’s for the title;
  • Insert numbers inside the title, for example, “The 10 best strategies for writing an SEO friendly article”;
  • Using the question / answer format can be a good strategy for improving your title.

H2: the importance of subtitles in SEO copywriting

In addition to the main title, it is appropriate to divide the text through subtitles . The so-called ” H2 ” and ” H3 “, in fact, allow us to make the article smoother but also to increase the chances of being chosen to appear among the first places of the search engines. One of the best techniques for writing SEO subtitles is to use Google related searches.

What does it mean? Very simple. After choosing the main theme of our article, we can perform a search on Google and at the bottom of the results page we will find related searches. In this way, we will be able to know what searches are carried out by users for a certain theme. Taking a cue from related searches, therefore, we will know new keywords to use for our subtitles.

More tips for writing a perfect SEO friendly article

In addition to the elements that we have already talked about, it is necessary to pay attention to a whole other set of techniques and strategies while writing our SEO friendly article . Here are other tips that will be very useful for writing online:

  • Don’t enter keywords randomly. It is essential to use them, for example, in the main title (H1) and in the first paragraph of the text in which it will be clear which is the main topic that we will deal with in the rest of the article;
  • Do not forget to insert the keywords also in the URL of the article and inside the description of the images ;
  • Attention to readability. A quality item remains a mediocre item if it is unclear. For this, we will have to pay attention to our writing. Some tools like Yoast SEO for WordPress help improve this element;
  • Don’t forget to include the links within your text. In addition to improving the positioning of your website, it can be a useful tool to bring readers to other articles or sections of your site;
  • To make your text more readable but also to improve NYC SEO services optimization, remember to divide the text with titles and subtitles (H1, H2, H3), in order to make the reading more fluent;
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists to make concepts more usable;
  • Highlight key concepts using text formatting , such as bold;
  • Remember to insert the so-called ” meta description “, ie the description that is reported by the search engine below the title. This way you will have more opportunities to attract users’ attention.

Through these tips and strategies you will be able to create SEO friendly articles that will help you improve your position within the search engines. However, it is necessary to carefully choose the topics to be included on the website. Does a thorough research before choosing the topic and look for reliable sources that allow you to create articles of excellent quality?