The nature of the SEO mission depends on your goals!

An SEO NYC expert must have experience and update knowledge of the latest developments in search engine rules. It is not a question of having a natural referencing strategy duplicable to all the sites, but to really make-to-measure, with the rules of the time, while taking into account that they can evolve. Also, the evolutionary watch is important, because the definition what is put in place must all the same guarantee the customer durability.

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But that’s not all, the nature of the intervention must also take into account your own objectives, and the levers to be solicited may be different from one site to another. Of course, everyone wants to gain natural positions on competitive keywords and stay in the top rankings on a number of keywords.

 Support for each site for its referencing

Some objectives deserve to be worked with the integration of editorial content, or even to optimize the existing, while others will need backlinks. Some sites only need technical optimization at first, etc. In addition, this changes how to improve the ranking of your website.

The years 2020 are important turning points in the sphere of natural referencing. Classic strategies are changing, and your provider must support them. Again, taking into account your goals.

Anyway, we must stop believing that SEO optimization consists of intervening on the following points:

  • a single H1 tag per page
  • an editorial structure in Hn tags
  • important words in bold
  • lots of text
  • an evocative TITLE tag
  • a descriptive URL
  • a meta description tag worked
  • ALT attributes to images

This is barely 5% of what an optimization worthy of the name! We know very well why a project leader focuses his intention on the subject: practically all blogs treat these lines as essential. But their authors do not really know much about it, because it is possible to set up a site on the first page of Google without ever touching this list … Conversely, you will see for yourself that by bringing the modifications described above, the referencing of your site will not budge. Above all, you will see that you will not reach your objectives! The job of consultant is not basic to the point of taking 8 lines of intervention.

 Doing things in order

Whatever goals you want to achieve, you have to do things in order, and it is also the role of SEO NYC expertise to determine the process that will lead you to defined success. You still need to have defined what you want to achieve, knowing that being on the first page of Google is not an objective. What you need to determine is whether you want more site traffic, more sales, etc. If everything is linked, the strategy to be implemented is very different.

Imagine that you have an e-commerce site, the aim being to sell certain products more than others (margins, stocks, brand image, etc.), more detailed work will have to be done on the product sheets. For a penny auction site, it is the home page that should focus the attention of the job, not the products. It is always astonishing to notice this confusion between means (a first page) and objective (to sell, to make known, etc.).

The importance of the constraints posed by the creation of the site

The objectives to be reached also have a constraint: the creation of your website. Indeed, if its realization was tailor-made , everything is almost imaginable in terms of referencing. On the other hand, as soon as a CMS turns behind the site, certain levers become impossible to set up. If you take Wix for example, the limits are very quickly there, as well as under SPIP. On the other hand, there is a little more leeway with Prestashop and WordPress, but less than tailor-made.

Suddenly, it is not certain that the SEO NYC experts can lift all the blockages to the ever finer SEO on Google. Sometimes, this finesse requires redefining the way in which queries are constructed, and otherwise redistributing the pages that must carry specific keywords. It is not a question of putting everything everywhere and saying bah, we will see which Google pages will highlight , semantic silos are of interest. And it’s not about talking about a blog here, it’s much more subtle than that.

Practical questions

A bit like Frequently Asked Questions, here are 2 comments from our agency on 2 requests from people wishing to achieve specific objectives.

I want to use the WordPress by yoast plugin , which seems very effective

It would be so easy to configure it so that everything is green, and to see your Google ranking increase on your keywords. Except that in reality, you will see that it will not change much! This ties in with what we said about the mistaken belief that it would be enough to work only 8 points of optimization for your life to change.

As part of my natural SEO NYC, I am looking for one or more SEO writers

This request shows that the lever has been defined by the project leader, and that it is a question of working on the content. On the other hand, if there are several editors, it is because the objective is to feed a blog. If it is the blog pages that stand out, it means that the person does not wish to highlight the institutional pages of their website. It also means that reputation is the goal.