Majestic SEO, guide to the main functions

As we know, backlinks are often very important signals in terms of authoritativeness of websites: for this reason we must be able to evaluate the importance of everything that concerns them to decide how they can help in our positioning strategies.

Majestic SEO is one of the most famous tools in the field of backlink analysis and for us it can be a really useful tool to evaluate the importance of the competition online to decide on the activities to be put in place.

With Majestic SEO we can analyze the sites that we judge our competitors and evaluate how important they can be considered by Google and too difficult to overcome on the serp.

How Majestic SEO works

Majestic SEO is a very simple tool to use. On the homepage you will find a white bar, where you can type a keyword to analyze or a URL to examine.

In our analyzes we can rely on the Fresh Index (which includes data from the last 90 days) or on Historic H index (which integrates Majestic data from the last 5 years). Obviously, the values ​​of the recent index include a narrower rose than the link history, and therefore it is more useful for link evaluation activities referring to the most recent periods.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow

Majestic SEO uses two metrics: Trust Flow (which reports the quality of backlinks) and Citation Flow (which reports the quality of backlinks). These indicators are very important in our link building activities, as they help us compare the importance of the portals to choose the most important ones and able to bring us real benefits in positioning.

From the joint analysis of Trust and Citation Flow we can deduce important observations on the natural or not growth of the importance of the portals in question, for example we can compare how much the connections increase in a given period and their quality to get an idea of ​​the kind of link building strategy they are developing.

In addition to them there is also the Tropical Trust Flow, a metric available for a fee that provides information on the semantics of the links facing the site.

At the bottom of the tool we can access four functions:

  1. Site Explorer : allows you to analyze the backlink profile of a domain
  2. Search Explorer : allows you to locate all the URLs and the Title of pages containing the keywords entered
  3. Webmaster Tools : allows us to associate the tool with the Search Console to speed up the return of data
  4. Link map tool: allows you to check competitors’ backlinks and analyze the characteristics of the links

Majestic allows us to analyze backlinks also by type, simplifying our source evaluation activities, and to examine the links from different points of view. It offers us numerous items including:

  1. Summary
  2. Ref Domains
  3. Anchor Text
  4. Backlinks
  5. New
  6. Lost
  7. map
  8. Pages
  9. Topics

From the Compare function we can compare multiple sites to compare the importance of our site with that of competitors, for example in terms of backlinks.

In this way we can find out if the best positioning is due to the better quality of the backlinks or to content or greater authoritativeness.

Majestic SEO Compare feature

Site Explorer

The Site Explorer allows us both to analyze the backlinks of a specific domain, a subdomain as well as a specific page.

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The analysis of the backlinks gives us an estimate of the values ​​of the links according to the Majestic SEO metrics: from these indicators we can draw parameters to define the authoritativeness of the sites that we are dealing with according to objectively comparable criteria.

The Trust Flow is a value that expresses the reliability that search engines should feed to the site. This value increases as the site acquires quality backlinks, as it is directly linked to the number of valuable links received.

The Citation Flow is a metric that indicates the backlinks received from a site, and assesses the quantity rather than the quality.

From the Backlink Breakdown item we learn how the backlinks we receive (text links, from images, embed), the distribution between the follow and the nofollow and between active and inactive ones are concretized.

The tool also provides us with an analysis of the anchor text, thanks to which we can study the arrangement of the terms that are used to link our site.

Site Explorer offers us information in particular on two aspects:

  1. Categories (Topics): allows us to analyze the importance and the Tropical Trust Flow of the domains analyzed
  2. Domains of origin: allows us to verify which sites have the most outgoing links and what the topic is

The backlinks tab provides a list of links to the site you are analyzing. This way you can find out everything related to backlinks, from the importance according to the TF and CF metrics to the type of link type and the topic covered.

The Referring Domains tab is used to collect all the domains to analyze them cohesively. We can order the domains for the respective trust to work on them in order of importance.

From the Pages and Backlinks section we can analyze the domain’s backlinks in all their aspects: from the topic of the links to the anchor text used, and even when the link in question disappeared).

We can also find out which are the new links that we have acquired and which we have lost, to evaluate how our backlink acquisition activities are proceeding.

In fact, if you think about it, every day we are at risk of losing some of the hard-earned connections, perhaps because of the bad faith of those who have granted them or for technical problems of the portals. Thanks to this tool we can easily track

Anchor Text

The Anchor Text item verifies which words are used to link content, and among these you can easily identify those most frequently used by competitors to link their sites.

From this entry we can see the Tropical Trust of the sites in question and decide on the naturalness of the anchor text used (obviously, the more anchor text are related to the topics for which you want to position, and more likely they are the result of specific agreements to obtain links ).

We can also analyze the countries from which the backlinks come, the pages with the most incoming links and the authoritative values ​​of the various domains.

Majestic SEO is a very useful tool to verify the importance of links and to probe the websites of our competitors. And what do you think? Let’s talk about it below!

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